8 Tips for Preparing Three Meals a Day in a RV

Living in a RV means your kitchen space is tiny. While I do have a bigger than average kitchen than most RV’s, it’s still really small compared to most kitchens in a house. So how do I cook for a family of five in a tiny RV kitchen? I’ll tell you how!

1.The fridge is bigger than you think!

I was worried about our fridge at first. It seemed so small compared to our previous full-sized fridge. By the end of the first month, I was pleasantly surprised! While space was tight, by careful arranging of the fridge, I was able to store a week’s worth of groceries, which included 2+ gallons of milk, a gallon of water and a gallon of juice.

2. Clean as you go!

With space so limited, there’s just not a lot of room to spread while you’re cooking. Putting away ingredients that have been used and placing the dirty dishes in the sink really helps keep the counter free.

3. Size your meals correctly.

Most meals we had would give us only one container of leftovers. However, we had some meals that drowned us in leftovers. I had to learn how to cut some recipes down, so we weren’t overwhelmed with food. 

4. Take advantage of the nice weather.

During the summer, lots of meals were cooked on our outdoor grill or stove-top in the outdoor kitchen. This gave us extra room to cook and keep the heat out of the RV. Another fun idea (especially with children) is to make a campfire and make hot dogs over the fire and s’mores for dessert!

5. Keep meals simple.

While possible, cooking a five course meal in a RV is not very practical. Why, you’d drown in dishes alone! So keep it simple. One or two dishes is all you need for a good meal.

6. Keep up on your dishes.

There’s not many dishes you can pile in the sink before they overflow. Plus, every meal you make adds more dishes. Getting the dishes cleaned consistently is one of the best tips I can offer. There are many times I haven’t wanted to make dinner because it would just add more dishes to an already huge dirty dish pile. 

7. Buy only what you need.

Buying something “just because” will fill up your pantry/refrigerator space faster than anything else. It can make it difficult to keep your kitchen organized and may keep you out of the kitchen because of how hard everything is to access.

8. Make simple meals from scratch.

One of the biggest space wasters in any kitchen is prepackaged goods, like bread, crackers, chips, etc. I’m not saying get rid of them all together, but try to narrow them down into the ones most used. I’m trying to narrow down my pantry to two types of bread, tortilla chips and crackers for my kids. Everything else is just an ingredient. 

So here are some tips to prepare multiple meals a day in a small RV kitchen. While the space might be tiny, it is definitely possible and even just as enjoyable as a regular kitchen. I hope this has helped you!

What are some tips that you’ve used to cook in a small kitchen?

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2 thoughts on “8 Tips for Preparing Three Meals a Day in a RV”

  1. I don’t have much counter space in mine so my table doubles as a counter top. I actually purchased a small 2nd refrigerator because I couldn’t make all my “from scratch” ingredients work in the small RV one. We use a lot of fresh fruit and vegetables. After cooking for up to 9 people for the last 35 years, I am having to re-learn how to cook for just 2 since all the babies have left the nest! I take advantage of my extra freezer space, though and make food ahead like homemade burritos and burgers that we really like and are fast to take to work for my husband. I take a few hours once a week or two and mass produce some of these stand-bys. You are right about clean-up, sometimes having to take a break from cooking to wash the dishes. It doesn’t take long to wash them up! They only really LOOK like a lot because the sinks are so small. In an RV your dishes are limited. We are enjoying RV life at the end of our child-raising and you are as well, at the beginning of yours! God Bless, Amanda!

    1. It’s awesome to hear your experience! I’m glad you are enjoying the RV life! We definitely enjoy this experience as well.

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