How to Heat a RV (Cheaply!)

This is our second winter in the RV, both in the cold, rainy Pacific Northwest. We’ve endured ice, wind storms and snow during our time in
the RV. During the winter time, our biggest expense is the heating. When it was freezing outside, our propane costs were between $200-
$400 a month. We were filling our 7 gallon propane tanks every other day. It was annoying and expensive. This winter, we went through the first half of winter using the heating system in the RV. After that, we were starting to think, well, we have 3 electric heaters in our storage unit, why don’t we try that? Our youngest was mobile and listened well, so why not try it? My husband grabbed one of the heaters on the way home and we set it up. The kids were told to stay away and they listened. Once we were sure the children would leave it alone, we promptly forgot all about it. Then, one of our propane tanks ran out and we went to go fill it. On the way to the gas station, we all of the sudden realized that it had been awhile since we had last refilled a propane tank. Counting back, it had been 3 weeks since we had refilled a
propane tank. Three weeks! Compared to 2-3 x’s a week, that was a huge improvement! We were so excited!

Since we started using the electric heater in the beginning of January, we have only had to refill the propane four times! This is such a huge savings in money for us, especially since we pay a set fee for our electricity at the place we stay. There are a few downsides of this specific electric heater. It is hot when on, which is a risk you’d want to consider with children in the house. It also doesn’t work 100% on 35 amps. We’ve blown the breaker a few times using the toaster. On 50 amps, it would be no problem. However, there are solutions to these problems. Smaller heaters that can be placed on tables or counters is one option. There are also heaters that are cool to the touch, making them much safer for children. We will probably invest in one of those next winter. If electricity cost is a problem, portable propane heaters like this one is a great option. We are really blessed to have found a way to save money on our heating. Hopefully our story will help you as well!

What are alternative ways you heat your RV?

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