How We Deal with Garbage for 6 in a RV

Garbage. I hate the stuff. It feels like we’re constantly throwing away garbage. With two adults, four children (three are in diapers) and a dog, we generate lots of garbage. As cloth diapering is not something we are doing right now, we have Little Miss Owl in pull-ups with Little Bear and Little Miss Horse in diapers. While our goal is to potty train Little Miss Owl this summer, that will still leave two little ones in diapers. So we are constantly throwing away dirty diapers.

Also, with very little pantry space in the kitchen (well, little for 6 people, it’s actually very big for an RV), we cannot buy much in bulk, leading to more packaging that we throw away on a daily basis. Add in daily life for 6 people and a dog, we make a ton of

We have a small cabinet in our island that is meant for the garbage can, which is about 1/3 the size of a normal household garbage can. On average, we fill it about every other day. As this means constant trips to the dumpster, it was getting a bit ridiculous, especially in the winter time, when it was cold, wet, and rainy or snowy constantly.

So my husband came up with a solution. He bought one of these (add link) heavy duty garbage cans. All of our indoor garbage gets taken out to the garbage can that sits by the hitch. It gets totally filled about once a week, when my husband then loads it into the truck and drives it over to the dumpster. This is so handy! While I know most Rvers don’t make enough garbage for this to work, it’s an amazing solution to our garbage problem. We are working on getting our amount of garbage down, but for now, this is what works for us.

Does the garbage ever get out of hand for you?

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2 thoughts on “How We Deal with Garbage for 6 in a RV”

    1. Nope! We have had no issue so far unless we accidentally left the lid open. The garbage can is specifically designed for outdoor use and has a strong latch for the lid.

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