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My Top 5 Items for a Newborn Baby in a RV

Our RV is only 354 sq. Ft, so for our family of six, space is at a premium. So on this list, you won’t find the typical swings, bouncers, diaper pails and other space wasting baby gear. These are the actual products that we use on a consistent basis in our RV.

Moby Wrap

This little wrap is a lifesaver for me! I constantly use it with every baby I’ve had. It’s great for getting work done around the house, for going shopping, or just going outside for fresh air with your other kids. I have two Moby Wraps right now, one for the car and one for the RV and I want at least one more to store in my stroller. One of the major advantages is that it rolls up very small, so is great for storing in our small place!

Waterproof Mattress/Crib Cover

There really isn’t much room in a RV for a crib or bassinet (though we’ve done it before!), so we co-sleep with our new babies. To keep our sheets fresh, we have small flat waterproof crib covers (not the fitted ones) that we lay under baby while they are sleeping in between us. As an extra layer of protection, we also have a waterproof fitted sheet covering the whole bed under our sheets. This has saved our mattress many a time from being stained with pee, though our sheets needed to be cleaned! 

Travel Bassinet

We have this great little bed that we use constantly. I can set it up on the couch, place the baby inside and can confidently go about my day, not having to worry about the baby rolling off the couch. This also is wonderful when we’re hanging outside the RV and it gives me an easy place to put the baby down if needed. The best thing about this little bassinet is that it folds up nicely flat, making it easy to store in a drawer or closet until needed.

Collapsible Baby Bath

Our RV only has a shower, no bathtub around, so we need a way to wash our baby! We found this collapsible baby bath that is easier to store than most and makes giving the baby a bath nice and easy. We have found though that if both HoneyBear and I are home, it’s a lot easier to have one of us jump in the shower with the baby and hold it while the other one washes the baby and then wraps it in a towel to dry it off and dress the baby again. The collapsible tub is perfect for only having one adult around or if the baby needs a bath when no one else is home.


A boppy tends to take up some room and can feel bulky, but for me, I find this necessary while the baby is so small and breastfeeding. There’s not a ton of pillows available in the RV and no real way to support the baby at all when breastfeeding. I find that having this is the best way for me to breastfeed and is the most comfortable way to do so. My husband and I suffer through the inconvenience of having it lay around and sometimes in the way, since it is so useful!

These are my top five items to have when I have a newborn baby in the RV. They are all very practical and so useful that I’ve used them and am using them for all of my babies. I know many woman love having a swing or bouncer around, but there is no space for them in the RV and the baby is perfectly content with being in either the Moby Wrap or the travel bassinet. Only very rarely do I wish that I had a swing or bouncer, but overall, we’re happy without. However, if you feel that you need one, go for it! We actually found a small, compact secondhand bouncer which plays music that we bring into the RV sometimes to use. Most of the time though, it doesn’t stay around long because of how bulky it feels in this small place. 

I hope you enjoyed this list, as it is a real glimpse into what we have in our RV and use on a daily basis for a newborn baby. What would you have for a new baby in a RV?

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