Our Internet Solution in the RV

When we first started on this full time RV journey, one of the main things we were concerned about was internet. We had no intention of giving up our internet usage. At first, we just used internet for personal use likes social media and video sites, that sort of thing. Eventually, our use expanded with this blog, some photography I was doing and now my husband’s two jobs. So what do we use for internet? 

Well, we decided to keep it simple and easy. Our phones and my tablet would be used. We had 10GB data on each phone and 6 GB on my tablet. That seemed to work for over a year, just using our phones and tablet and then using our hotspot on anything we needed the laptop for (mostly editing photos and final adjustments to any blog post.) However, when my husband started to be more active online with his jobs, he started running out of data on his phone. So the decision was made to upgrade our phone plan to unlimited data for the phones. (We left the tablet at 6GB because we are receiving that data for free due to a promotion.)

The unlimited data did add an extra $20 a month to our bill, but since we just paid off both our phones, our monthly cell phone bill actually went down! Now, we are happily using this method for our internet usage and it works fantastic! We have no issue and don’t have to worry about a separate internet bill. If we absolutely have to have wifi for something (software updates) we do those on Sundays while we are at church (free wifi!), or we’ll head to the closest Starbucks or McDonalds if it’s needed mid week.

One thing to mention is that we do have T-Mobile, which has great reception in the Pacific Northwest. Traveling can make signal reception a little dicey, so we would look into getting a cell booster to help. Since we’re not traveling at the moment, no cell booster needed! Also, if our personal hotspot on our phones started slowing down our service like crazy, we would probably look into getting a mobile hotspot as well.

So, this is our solution to internet while in a RV. It works fantastic for us and the only time we’d probably look into different internet options is if we started uploading videos. Since we haven’t started that yet, we are good to go!

What do you use for internet in your RV?

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