Simple Homemade Deodorant

Six years ago, HoneyBear and I lived in Texas. We were very tight on money and could barely afford food, much less basic necessities  like shampoo, conditioner, toothpaste or deodorant. So, I started a search for a way to make these things by myself, to save us money. It’s when I really started looking into frugal options for many things in our life. I came across this wonderfully easy recipe for deodorant. It seemed very simple and I had almost everything I needed. I managed to scrape together the money for some coconut oil and made the recipe.

HoneyBear was not excited and thought it was totally weird. However, with some persuasion, I managed to get him to at least try it out. To both of our surprise, it actually worked! This working in hot, humid Texas heat in the middle of summer! To say the least, it made a wonderful impression and off I was into the world of DIY, which now has become a little hobby of mine. It’s amazing to think that a simple recipe for deodorant could change everything so much!

This recipe works amazingly well. It offers full body odor coverage for a good 12 hours, even exercising in hot and humid weather.
Just a word to the wise, this recipe will stop body odor, but it is not an antiperspirant. So you will still sweat, just smell good while doing so! This works great for Honeybear and I as we live in the cool, moist climate of the Pacific Northwest and rarely sweat as we go about our normal life. However, HoneyBear does work at a labor intensive job, but since sweat is a normal part of the job (even with commercial deodorants) neither of us mind. I do like it when he comes home and doesn’t smell though! 

One thing to keep in mind is that sometimes this can be irritating to the skin, especially if you have sensitive skin. If this is the case, you can lower the amount of baking soda and substitute more arrowroot powder or cornstarch. It just won’t work as well, but if you don’t tend to be outside and sweat a lot, it should work just fine.

I’m also providing a very basic recipe today. You can essential oils of your choice to help with sensitive skin or just to make it smell nice. I recommend tea tree oil or lavender for sensitive skin, pine or fir for the men in your life, or a flower variety like rose, lavender or geranium for the ladies. This would also make a good present for the people in your life, add a sugar scrub for the ladies or a beard oil for the men and you’ve got a great gift. 

So I encourage you to try this! If it works in the hot, humid summers of Texas, it should work great for you. I think you’ll like it!

Simple Homemade Deodorant
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  1. 1/2 c. baking soda
  2. 1/2 arrowroot power
  3. 2 Tbsp. coconut oil, more as needed
  1. Combine all three ingredients.
  2. Continually mash the mixture together (like you are creaming butter), until all the ingredients come together in a soft paste.
  3. Store in an airtight jar.
To Use
  1. Scoop out a small amount from jar and rub on armpits.
  2. This works best right after a shower and if you let the deodorant soak in a bit before you get dressed.
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